Old Hedgehog Autumn

Автор: Olga Rybkina
Размер: 8,5″, единственный экземпляр
Категория: Ёжики

Old Hedgehog Autumn

Hello, my dear!
I`m happy to present you my new Hedgehog bear.
Height 21 cm standing and 15,5 cm sitting.
The bear was sewn from the Soviet plush, painted by hand and mohair Schulte . Arms and legs on cotter pins, head on a double cotter pin,head, arms and legs are 360 degree movable. In the tummy is a mineral granulate. He can not stand himself. Eyes glass german.
He is completely handmade. Every stitch is done by hand.
Accessories: Silk ribbons.
All my bears are for adult collectors, they are not meant for children.
Thank you!
So the first snow fell ...
In the autumn the air is already fresh, the fog mysteriously envelops the trunks of trees. And they seem terrible monsters. But it is necessary to seem to the sun, as everything around becomes habitual and affable. The forest is elegant, like a colorful caftan. When the first snow falls, everything changes. The elegant autumn caftan is padded with white fluffy fur. And here is the beauty of a mountain ash lying all in the fire and covered with a fluffy first snowball. Hedgehog tried the berries, but the taste of the mountain ash was sour-bitter and quite-quite tasteless.
Hedgehog often ran away from home to walk in the woods. He had his special secret place on the branch of an oak tree. He liked to hide and think under the lacy leaves.
There I caught him off guard, he was a little scared, it was his first snow. We sat down on the bench, and he told me about how mother taught him to exhibit and hide the thorns. This is important for hedgehogs. He's a wonderful boy! And this is his first autumn and the first snow in his life.

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